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Committee & Volunteer Groups

Our working groups form the basis of our volunteers. Our groups spend untold hours achieving our aim and goals, and caring for the environment.


Our Committee

President:                                 Chris Halliday

Vice-President:                       Janet Hope

Secretary/Public Officer:    Steve Campbell

Treasurer:                                   Lisa Hoffman


                                                       Maureen Finlay

                                                       Peter Paine


Arakoon Pandanus Landcare Nursery

The Arakoon Landcare Nursery was established by First Nations people (the Pandanus People) and Terry Flanagan at Arakoon National Park in 2005, moving to its current location in 2010. In 2019, MLN took a greater role in supporting and operating the nursery. Cath Ireland is the co-ordinator who is supported by our hard working volunteers, led by Kim. include Gillian, Aunty Robyn, Glen and Andrew, Russell and Helen.

Big Nobby Landcare

Big Nobby Bushcare project is focused on bush regeneration and weed control on Big Nobby Headland at Crescent Head. Working bees are every 1st Sunday of the month between 9am and 11am (8am to 10am October to March). Morning tea is shared and new volunteers are most welcome. Contact Graeme Carrad 0424 656 479.

Big Nobby.jpg
Garden Club.png


Bushrangers operate at Delicate Nobby..............

Hat Head Community Garden

Hat Head Community Garden Group constructed four large garden beds in early 2022 with funding provided by Kempsey Shire Council. Construction was achieved by Corrective Services.

Residents of all ages are encouraged to join the group either as active members or just to enjoy social contact and make new friends. 

Garden Club.png

Macleay Living Sustainably

Macleay Living Sustainably have a vision for a beautiful Macleay Valley  where wildlife, people, rivers, beaches and forests thrive. 

They are building a movement that strongly believes in people power and that the local community can create the change needed to address the climate crisis.

Sustainability Forum.jpg

Regenerative Agriculture Macleay Alliance (RAMA)

This volunteer group of Macleay Landcare aims to support regenerative agricultural practices within the Macleay Valley and surrounding catchments.

RAMA seeks to bring together people with a focus on practices for regenerating local ecosystems, farms and building resilient rural communities.

RAMA is a platform for discussion, sharing Ideas and providing education to achieve healthier soil and improve productivity.

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