Preventing Problems

Weeds are a problem for landowners and government agencies. Weeds are expensive to control and the best way to prevent problems is by:


  • Washing down vehicles before entering properties, particularly if you have been through an weed infestation.

  • Be careful when buying fodder or stock.

  • Garden plants can escape or be dumped over back fences into the natural environment.


The following information will help prevent plants becoming a problem:


Stop the spread of garden plants - NSW DPI

Decontaminate vehicles and equipment - NSW DPI

Weeds - Whoops we have a Problem!


Noxious and Environmental Weeds Control Handbook

Weed control techniques

Look Learn Act - Local Weeds Website

Register with Look Learn Act for local weed alerts and become a weed warrior

Weeds - Here are Some Local Nasties

Tropical Soda Apple

Madeira Vine

Catsclaw creeper

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