The following tips may be useful when revegetating:


  • Plan your planting

  • Fences will protect plants against stock damage. Fence first, plant later!

  • Identify suitable plant species and source plants locally (we have a nursery), and seek advice on what plants are suitable for your soil type/landscape

  •   Density of plantings can vary, but generally trees between 2-4 m apart. Don't forget shrubs and groundcovers!

  • You will have to address competition such as weeds/grasses. Use weed mats, tree guards, and consider regular slashing, mulching ( around base of plants) and/or spraying

  • Plants from tubestock establish best.

  • Watered regularly in the first few weeks/months, especially if the weather is dry

  • To deter frost damage, treat with potassium rich fertiliser such as seasol prior to frost periods.


Planting Guides for the Local Area


Floodplain Vegetatation Guide


Riverbank Vegetation Guide


Replacing Camphors with Figs


Bird Lollies- replace weedy sweets with native treats


Create a bird friendly garden


Long Stem Planting guidelines in riverbanks for erosion stabilisation


Lowland Rainforest on the Floodplain Landholder Revegetation Case Study 2013









National Tree Day is traditionally held in the last weekend in July.

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