Green-Recovery is a Macleay Landcare initiative whereby businesses and individuals can off-set their CO2 production. We have a simple scheme that provides native wildlife habitat and corridors, prevents erosion and rising acid sulphate soils and salt, and assists in the prevention of climate change. Here is how our tree planting scheme works:

1. Make a donation; or

2. Determine your CO2 production (fill in the linked form);
3. Tally up how many trees are required to offset your CO2 production;
4. Plant the trees yourself OR pay us and we plant the number of trees that offset your CO2 (see payment options on the form or credit card below). The cost is $5/tree which includes a native tree, 3 canes, weed mat and biodegradable plastic guard (plus volunteer labour to plant and care);

5. Email us all relevant details so we can get started;
6. Tax Receipt issued if required;
7. We add you to our list of ‘Green-Recovery’ supporters below if you get us to plant more than 100 trees.

You may wish to contact us to discuss further.


Our form has been developed using the guidance of:

Other Environmentally Responsible Initiatives

These include:

  • Minimising waste and having a recycling program

  • Minimising energy usage and using green energy

  • Preventing pollution

  • Protecting and nurturing natural habitat and fauna

  • Having an environmental policy and supporting procedures

  • Use products that are made from recycled material​s

  • Supporting green suppliers

  • Make green thinking a key part of your company culture

Our Green-Recovery Supporters Include:

Nil at this stage as we are only just implementing this initiative.

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