Bernard Whitehead from SaltAir Flora and Fauna setting a soft jaw trap

Feral Animals


Macleay Landcare recognises feral animal control as an important component of overall natural resource management. Feral animal control is often incorporated into our biodiversity projects in order to improve habitat for native animals.

Unwanted pets, such as dogs and cats, are sometimes release into the wild. PLEASE DON'T do this. Take you unwanted pets to the local shelter so they can find them a new wildlife friendly home. Check out our flyer


Feral Animal Control


If you are having problems with ferals on your property and have the capacity to monitor traps daily we encourage you to contact us.


Macleay Landcare now has a feral animal control kit including foot traps, attractants or lures and 2 small cage traps. The kit is suitable for trapping wild dogs, foxes and feral cats.


See the Loan Aggrement document below which outlines the responsibilities which need to be considered before conducting a trapping program.   


More information on feral animal control can be found as follows:


Trapping Cats brochure


Trapping Wild Dogs brochure


Trapping Foxes brochure


Trapping Pigs  brochure


You can also go to the North Coast Local Land Services website for more information about feral animals or to speak with a Kempsey based Officer about your particular problem on 6563 6700.


Bernard Whitehead from SaltAir Flora and Fauna has also run a number of trapping workshops for Macleay Landcare. Watch Bernard showing a group how to set one of our soft jaw traps at a workshop on the video opposite.

Indian Myna's:


Indian Mynas are an introduced species that cause damage to local native fauna. You can reduce numbers through trapping, preventing breeding and removing their food source.


If you are interested in purchasing a Myna Trap then contact your local Men's Shed and they may be able to help or try building one yourself using the linked plans.


For further information on Indian Myna's click here.

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