Sustainable Farming and Soil Health

The two videos below were produced through the North Coast Regional Landcare Network and show case winners of the 2013 North Coast Regional Landcare Awards.

Soil Health and Grazing with Judi Earl

A workshop was held 22nd March 2018 at Willawarrin Hall on soil health and grazing. Macleay Landcare was honoured to have the workshop presented by renowned expert Dr Judi Earl, PHD in Pasture Ecology.


Judi shared her experience and research in grazing management to show how grazing management can support and improve pasture and soil health. Her presentation from the workshop is linked opposite.

Restore the Natural Ecosystem Processes

Meet Glenn Morris, General Manager of Figtrees Organic Farms, producers and marketers of award winning organic beef from the award winning properties 'Wilton Park' at Grafton & 'Billabong' at Inverell, NSW, Australia.


Glenn has spent more than two decades observing, studying and thoughtfully managing the diverse ecosystems in his care. His keen eye led him to question traditional management practices, search for sustainable solutions and put them into practice.


Not only has he earned a Masters in Sustainable Farming but more importantly Glenn is on the ground 'walking the talk' with a blend of biological and organic farming principles combined with Holistic Management practices.

Grazing Management to Improve Soil Health

Meet Henry Sheehan, manager of 'Wilton Park', FigTrees Organic Farms that produces and markets award winning organic beef. The farm is located near Grafton, NSW, Australia


Gary Zimmer, author of 'The Biological Farmer', said 'Biological farming puts the fun back in farming' and at 'Wilton Park', that statement has been validated. One look at the smile on Henry Sheehan's face would convince anyone that he was having way too much fun.

Henry's enthusiasm for the eco-system he nurtures is a pleasure to witness and be warned, it is contagious.

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