Current Projects

Macleay Landcare Network is running a range of environmental projects, activities, programs and support to landholders and community groups. Below are just some of our major projects happening now:

Cockscomb Coral Tree Control in the Lower Macleay.

The project will involve targeting of Cockscomb Coral Tree (Erythrina crista-galli) infestations on the lower Macleay River. This project will adopt a cooperative approach with affected landholders to support the implementation of their General Biosecurity Duty for this weed. Funding Body/Program: North Coast Regional Landcare Network - Community Based Weeds 2019-2020.

Protecting and Connecting Coastal Habitat Corridors at Mt Yarrahapinni

This project aims to support up to 10 private land owners to rehabilitate forest, wetland and riparian coastal habitats and raise awareness of the suite of threatened species. For more information - click here. Funding Body: NSW Environmental Trust.

Toorumbee to Belgrave Reach Plan

Implement actions under the Toorumbee Ck to Belgrave Falls reach Plan (2014). Submitted to complement LLS funding to undertake erosion control works and some extra revegetation. Funding Body/Program: NSW Dept Fisheries - Habitat Action Grant.

Controlling Riverbank Erosion - Nulla Nulla Creek 

Implement erosion control works, riparian fencing, and revegetation works at 2 sites on one property on Nulla Nulla Creek. Funding Body/Program: NSW Dept Fisheries - Habitat Action Grant.


Fencing, weedcontrol and revegetation of riparian areas.Funding Body: EPA Fine of Port Macquarie Business.


Summer Island Riverbank Plantings

Landcare and landholders have joined forces to replant a section of the lower Macleay River riverbank. For more information - click here.

Yarrahapinni to Killiekrankie Biodiversity Alliance Bush Connect Project 2016-2026

The Y2K Project was born out of recognition that our primary watershed bushland separating the Macleay from the Nambucca Valley has been heavily fragmented as a result of century old clearing activities associated with timber getting and agricultural development. In 2015 MLN was awarded upwards of $500,000 by the NSW Environmental Trust to amend these landscape scale fragmentations over a 10 year period. For more information - click here.


For further information phone Project Officer Tom Macindoe 0422738309 or via email

'Mass failure' - an example of riparian erosion on Hickeys Creek - an example of an unstable system and target site under the Y2K Project

Land for Wildlife, voluntary conservation in Hickeys Creek - a remnant destined for understory bush regeneration work over the 10 year Y2K Project.

'Mass failure' site on Hickeys Creek post erosion mitigation with excavator. Site was partially filled, battered, fenced from stock, mulched and planted down with rapid ground covers and native 'engineering' species like Lomandra hystrix.

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