Creating Fauna Habitat

Creating Fauna Habitat can be a large or small scale project! It could be fencing stock from existing expanses of natural bush to installing a bird bath in your garden for local birds.


Creating Habitat Tips

  • Ask for advice!

  • Don't feed the wildlife with bread, seed or other unnatural foods.

  • Establishing natural food, native plants and the bugs/flowers they host, will be prevent a range of unwanted issues such as pests, disease.

  • Install a bird bath, pond or larger fresh water area for fauna.

  • Research more about the fauna you wish to encourage and find out about their natural food and habitat/shelter requirements.

  • Enjoy fauna from a distance.

  • Manage your pets. Keeping cats inside is particularly important and dogs should be kept in a confined area on the property.

  • Manage feral animals on your property.

Habitat and Fauna Friendly Brochures

Attracting Birds to your Garden

Birds on Farms

Bird Lollies- Feed fauna native treats, replacing weed\y sweets

Bird Watching Guide to the Macleay Valley

Create a Bird Habitat Garden

Koala habitat

Koalas in Kempsey Shire

Nectar food trees

Old growth forests

Tree Hollows fact sheet

Wildlife Friendly Fencing

Yellow bellied glider habitat

Want to buy a bird nest pre-made?

Contact your local Men's Shed and see if they make them.

Habitat for Fauna Means no Pets!

Our flyer provides tips on pet ownership to keep our wildlife safe. This is more important than ever with our wildlife devastated by bush fires.

You can take the test and see if your pet (and you) are wildlife friendly on the second page and make a pledge to keep our wildlife safe on the first page of the linked document.

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