Creating Fauna Habitat

Creating Fauna Habitat can be a large or small scale project! It could be fencing stock from existing expanses of natural bush to installing a bird bath in your garden for local birds.


Creating Habitat Tips

  • Ask for advice!

  • Don't feed the wildlife with bread, seed or other unnatural foods.

  • Establishing natural food, native plants and the bugs/flowers they host, will be prevent a range of unwanted issues such as pests, disease.

  • Install a bird bath, pond or larger fresh water area for fauna.

  • Research more about the fauna you wish to encourage and find out about their natural food and habitat/shelter requirements.

  • Enjoy fauna from a distance.

  • Manage your pets. Keeping cats inside is particularly important and dogs should be kept in a confined area on the property.

  • Manage feral animals on your property.

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