Conservation and Legislation

Relevant Legislation

There are various pieces of legislation in NSW that cover native vegetation management and the protection thereof - see the Office of Environment and Heritage Website for more information. 

The Environmental Defenders Office's Rural Landholders Guide to Environmental Law in NSW will be a useful guide in understanding this complex legislation.


The conservation techniques and tips in the video can be applied to private lands. 

Guide to  Private Property Conservation in NSW - Environmental Defenders Office

Critically Endangered Vegetation:


Ecologically Endangered Communities Species in Macleay:

Some threatened species in our region

  • Black Neck Stork*

  • Brolga

  • Osprey*

  • White Bellied Sea Eagle

  • Long Nosed Potoroo

  • Wompoo Fruit-dove*

  • Ground Parrot

  • Tiger Quoll

  • Koala*

  • Squirrel Glider

  • Glossy Black Cockatoo

  • Swift Parrot

  • Yellow Bellied Glider



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