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-----RECENT EVENTS------

DAVID LOW WORKSHOP- Monday, 25th Nov 2013
Weeding without chemicals

The David Low Workshop was an interesting day showcasing a wide variety of approaches to weed control. David's excellent presentation challenged the conventional approach to weed control using chemicals. We then had a presentation from a local tea tree farmer who has successfully used a steam unit on his property.


Greg Egan from Kempsey Shire Council discussed the Tropical Soda Apple Invasion and then we went out on site for a demonstration from John Delaney on how to effectively control Vine Weeds.


Dr. David Low is also the founder of the Weeds Network. If you are interested in sustainable views on weed control visit weedsnetwork.com to subscribe or just read!


This workshop was partially funded through North Coast Regional Landcare Network Inc., and the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country. Go to http://weedsnetwork.com/traction/permalink/WeedsNews4577 for an overview on David's ideas.










THURSDAY 14th November 2013-
from 9:45am-1pm


12 people joined us with local native nursery owner Jamie Locke for aninformative and practical session learning about local native species, how to collect their seed and some basic propagation techniques.


The new Native Plant Propagation information sheet was made available on the day - click here to view.


Check out the resources page for more propagation tips.


This event was supported by Caring for our Country.






Saturday September 7th

The Kempsey Tree and Produce Fair, held recently at the Services Club Park, (Corner of Belgreave and Stuart Streets) gave Macleay Valley residents the opportunity to browse the stalls offering native plants, herbs, ornamentals, bromileads, books on all subjects sustainable and delicious locally made jams and chutneys. Macleay Landcare Network committee and staff were also available on the day to chat with the community about environmental issues, and to assist in registration for the Land for Wildlife program or our new Kempsey Koala Corridors project.


Look out for the Autumn Tree and Produce Fair to be held on 1 March 2014, from 8am til noon. It is now being held at Riverside Park, alongside the popular Kempsey Riverside Markets, with all our regular stalls. This time there will also be a  Landcare Tent showcasing local farmers using sustainable farming practices, and opportunities for you to get involved. So come along and be inspired!!

NEWS   ------------------------------------------

Biological Farming on the Macleay


Announced, June 2013

Macleay Landcare have been successful in securing $50,000 towards a biological

farming program which will support farmers to learn biological farming approaches through peer and specialist farm based workshop series and farm tours, through Adopt A Farmer- school farming educational sessions, one-on-one support to farmers and a small grants scheme to support farmers

to get started! What is biological farming? Click here for more on biological farming.

MICROHERDERS PROGRAM- also secured through the Hastings Landcare through CLG Ag Grants- to roll out between Hastings and Nambucca! more news soon....follow on the Facebook page...



Macleay Landcare Moves to Showgrounds

Announced, July 2013

Macleay Landcare moved to the Showgrounds on August 1st 2013- new address 19 Sea St, Kempsey. We will no longer be office front based, and prefer all visitors arrange prior booking/appointment as we will be sharing the office space with Showground staff. Access is via the street frontage entry.



New environmental trust grants

Announced, July 2013

Macleay Landcare was successful with a Kempsey Koala Corridors project to be run in partnership with Kempsey Shire Council and a sponsored grant for Grassy Head Dune Care.


Grassy Head Dune Care-Restoring Grassy Head dunes and rainforest-$34,705 1 year

This project aims to support local Grassy Head Dune Care volunteers to continue regular working bees restoring littoral rainforest, themeda grasslands, swamp and dunes in 18.4 hectares to tackle a range of weeds and conduct restoration activities. Conduct professional weed control on endangered ecological community (EEC) themeda grasslands post fire to reduce any post fire establishment of bitou bush, lantana and weed grasses and conduct important post fire recovery research, support activities that will prevent further dune erosion including planting, silt fencing and weed control and to restore significant remnants of EEC littoral rainforest. The project also aims to remove several coral trees in EEC swamp oak forest and estuary margins. The group will work collaboratively with the Grassy Nursery Volunteer group, who grow provenance local plants for dune care restoration activities.


Macleay Landcare Network Inc.- Kempsey Koala Corridors $80,075 2 years


This project aims to work with landholders to protect koala corridors through revegetation, habitat restoration, education, awareness raising and a ‘Friends of the Koalas in Kempsey’ register in core koala habitat areas. Private land conservation will also be available to landholders through a Land for Wildlife program. The project also aims to conduct koala surveying for the 330-600 known koalas in the Kempsey local government area, within previously surveyed areas and a new urban area where koalas have been recently sighted. This surveying will assist to develop an urban corridor assessment of habitat quality and connectivity and provide for future management options. The long term goal is to enhance, increase and improve the conservation of koalas in the region and raise awareness of their declining habitat across the valley.

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